Activation Marketing and Consumer Engagement Strategy

Our main expertise is “Activation Marketing” and “Consumer Engagement Strategy” which means involving the target in “memorable” experiences relevant for the brand and effective to achieve our client’s business goal. We are experts in BTL Communication, in promotion and sales support, production and event management.

We have a strong strategy and creativity department to develop effective project for our client our experienced project management manage the client expectation from the brief to the results tracking, furthermore, Up! can support both local company and foreign companies willing to enter into the Russian market, or to reposition themselves, choosing different products or changing marketing strategies and approaches to the market.

We listen to customers and give solutions!

Up services

How we work / Approach

How we work? our approach to the typical customer.

The approach with our customers is always personalized. Whenever we offer our service it is always as if we sew them a tailored made suit. 

We have a “Haute couture” approach.

First of all, we want to know the client’s business deep inside to understand how to approach the market, the marketing strategy and the tools to be used to increase sales and national and international reputation.

We work with transparent methods and processes always being in close collaboration and in contact with the customer. We measure our performance by figures and invite our customers to do the same. 

One our most important features is reporting. We give continuous feedback to our customers for continuous improvement of our mutual performances.

Always ready to listen and change, because markets and strategies change.