Our company is made above all by values.

Of course our company is made up of people. Throughout our history we have learned from our paths and our working lives have put us in the face of increasingly imposing challenges, therefore we have positioned our lives and our experiences to support those values in which we believe as a company and as a group of people.

We believe in 8 values that we have found to be fundamental.



It is in the first place not by chance, our business is built on transparency. This value implies the availability of information, creating a more complete picture of everything that happens in the company.



Without this value, it would be impossible to fulfill the commitments made and ensure the stability and sustainability of business processes.



This component plays one of the main roles, because without the proper professional experience and the necessary competences, certain tasks will be performed at a very low level, which is unacceptable for our team.



The nature of the advertising business involves a certain routine, but most of the processes are taken by the creative work of creating creative advertising campaigns and other products.



Correct and well-defined work task is half the success.



Our team prefers to perform everything qualitatively, for whatever it was taken. Therefore, there are already many successful projects and many ambitious plans in our piggy bank.



Our company faces many complex and complex tasks, and without courage and readiness for difficulties, their implementation would be impossible.



Without love and keen interest in their work, our team would not have achieved such success as we have now. Cooperation with dozens of companies and a friendly team with love for their work is the key to our success!

Company Concept Up!  in Russia, it is based on 8 fundamental values and every month we award one of our colleagues who will best demonstrate a specific value.

In April 2019, we chose Anton Kapralov, who is best represented by one of the values – reliability.  Anton was recently appointed to the position of customer service manager, where he showed himself as a person who can always be relied on and who always fulfills his obligations.

In May 2019, we chose Konstantin Agapov, who best embodies the courage and courage to be a supporter of Up!  and her values while working in Kazan, where he moved some time ago.  Konstantin showed courage and a true spirit of entrepreneurship!

In July 2019, we chose Anna Kustova, the UP manager!  In Murmansk, which in the best way embodies the high professionalism in working in the Up! Team, every day demonstrates high competencies, and in Anna’s piggy-bank there are already many successfully completed projects!

Up! Strong values for a strong company!