November 2019

November 2019

In November 2019, our team wanted to bring something new to our office life and we decided to move to a new place.

Now the new address of our general quarter is the business center “Malevich”, Embankment Obvodny Canal, 118АХ. Metro Baltiyskaya.

Our new workspace is so cozy, bright and bright that now we do not want to leave the office at all.

There was inspiration for new achievements and new projects!

And our talented colleague Nikita Khodotov created a branded wall with his own hands for a new room, which does not let anyone feel sad in the sometimes gray autumn St. Petersburg with his cheerful colors!

A spacious open-space has made communication between colleagues easier and more convenient!  We are so glad that we even want to invite everyone to visit our new “house”.

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