Elica Roadshow promotion tour in Russia

The final stop of the Elica Roadshow promotion tour in Russia in St. Petersburg! The brand’s promotional tour went through 5 Russian cities: Sochi, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg! The culinary shows and master classes were attended by well-known representatives of the field of design, restaurant business and chefs. The tour was attended by Italian chef Andrea Galli, who worked in 6 restaurants with Michelin stars, and as part of the Elica Roadshow, Andrea delighted guests with Italian dishes.

We thank Elica for the opportunity to get acquainted with first-class technology and are proud of the Up! Team, who did such a great job to make the tour take place!

The first city on the road Elica Roadshow

As part of the tour, Elica Roadshow, organized by Elica together with UP!, Has already passed the first stage.  The first stop of the trailer in Russia was the city of Sochi!  Elica trailer stopped at the Olympic Park for two days July 11-12, where visitors could get acquainted with the products, as well as take part in master classes.  In addition, a series of events were held open to all, including cooking shows and tastings from chefs.  In total, the trailer will be visited by 5 cities on the territory of Russia, and representatives of UP!  will accompany the show all over.

Opening Iqos promotional boutique on Rubinstein Street

As part of the advertising campaign Up!  Russia for the IQOS brand was opened the leading brand store in St. Petersburg at 28 Rubinshteina Street, one of the most popular streets in the city with many restaurants and bars. The store is perfectly integrated into the environment, a high-class team of professional brand representatives is recruited, and the UP team!  provides media support for brand and events.